China’s urban expansion

Contemporary China has been experiencing a dramatic development and transformation. The rapid urban expansion has been ‘eating out’ more and more farmland and mountains day by day. Shenzhen in southern China sharing the bounder with Hong Kong is a 29-year-old young metropolis built from scratch. When I first came here after graduation, Shenzhen was then only a baby, fresh, full of mystery, uncertainty, challenge and possibility. In the last three decades, I have witnessed the city’s dramatic expansion. Millions of migrants from all over China come here to pursue their dreams and fight against reality under the big motto ‘Time is Money, and Efficiency is Life’. While the population has turned from 20, 000 to 13 million, the cityscape has been occupied by countless skyscrapers grown out of the mass green field, mountains, the southern China sea, and is still on its way expansion through the net-like construction sites everywhere. The dream of old day has turned into reality, but mixed with excitement and anxiety.

Original format: 8*10cm film

© Haibo YU. 2009



原图:8*10 厘米 胶片

余海波版权所有. 2009