Haibo Yu is one of the most prominent documentary photographers in contemporary China.
Since 1989, Haibo has been living in Shenzhen, where most of his photography projects are made, including 'Dafen Oil Painting Village', 'the wide Passage of Shenzhen', 'Night Breath', and recent two projects 'China's Urban Expansion' and 'Global Village'. Shenzhen is a village-turned-young city, which is also regarded as 'the first Special Economic Zone', created by Deng Xiaoping in 1980 as a result of China's Open policy.

June 2010
Michèle Vicat from The Pointer Adventure gives a strong review on Haibo's photos shown at Ethnographic Museum, University of Zurich, and an insightful full critic on his works in general.

April 2010
Haibu Yu's Photography story 'The Wide Passage of Shenzhen' is currently exhibited at M.R.Gallery at 798 Art District, Beijing.

Feb 2010
Haibu Yu's Photography story 'Dafen Oil Painting Village' is current exhibited at University of Zurich, Ethnographic Museum till 28th May 2010.

Jan 2010
Haibo's 'Dafen Oil Painting Village in China No. 2' has been collected by San Francisco Museum of Modern Art(SFMOMA). In the museum’s seventy-fifth anniversary event 2010, Haibo's photo has been quoted as SFMOMA's permanent collection.

余海波的‘大芬油画村’ 在2007年被美国旧金山当代美术馆收藏,今年1月,SFMOMA举办75周年开馆纪念展览,海波的图片被列入永久收藏的印刷手册中。


China's Global Village © Haibo YU. 2009


China Dafen Oil Painting Village © Haibo YU 2005. World Press Photo

China Dafen Oil Painting Village-2 © Haibo YU. 2005

China's Urban Expansion  © Haibo YU 2009

Shenzhen Migrants © Haibo YU. 1989-2000

Shenzhen © Haibo YU. 1993

The Music Impulse of Chinese youth © Haibo YU. 2000

On the Other Shore © Haibo YU. 1988